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More about Holly Boyd:
Holly studied voice and piano for six years in her youth and loved sitting with her sister, Wendy, at the piano to sing hymns and broadway music. She graduated with a master's degree in accounting from Brigham Young University. She presently focuses on raising her three children and creating a home where the Spirit can dwell. Uplifting music is an important part of her effort, and so she regularly thinks about poetic ways to communicate messages that she hopes to remember and teach to her children. She is grateful Wendy Jensen captures her lyrics in original musical settings that she loves singing around the home and sharing with others.
Song background:

Alma 42 inspired me to try to better understand repentance and its relationship to justice and mercy. I came to value justice for its balancing effects, and I rejoice in the gift of mercy that offers redemption if I choose to receive it from Christ by turning to Him. Wendy's setting supports this message by offering lines that contrast and balance each other after the anomalous first line. They symbolize the initial breach created by the fall and subsequent equilibirum provided through the Savior's justice and mercy.--HB

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