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Voicing/Instrumentation: Choir Unison, Youth Choir Mixed Or Unison

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Song background:

Written for the Book of Mormon Journey youth conference kickoff fireside.  It reminds us that we can find truth and answers in the Book of Mormon that lead us to Christ.

Cry From the Dust (by Kerrie Neu)

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Lyrics: Cry From the Dust <br/> <br/>Are you ever unsure what to believe? <br/>With so many voices clammoring in confusion? <br/>Do you ever feel the desire to find peace? <br/>In this swirling chaotic world of commotion? <br/> <br/>Well, our Father planned a way to lead us home. <br/>In the words of ancient prophets who saw our day. <br/>They were written by the spirit and preserved, <br/>To guide us to the One who is the way. <br/> <br/>Their words shall cry from the dust <br/>To help me find the truth <br/>Of Christ and His gospel <br/>To help me make it through. <br/>As Nephi of old, I'll hold on to the rod. <br/>By reading the scriptures I'll find answers to God.
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