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Voicing/Instrumentation: SATB, Choir Unison

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Second Coming/Millenium

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Song background:

A traditional rousing hymn of praise!  Visit www.LDSmusicalitems.co.uk for practice audio clips for SATB parts.


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Lyrics: 1. Come, ye faithful saints of Zion! <br/>Praise the Lord with heart and voice, <br/>Singing hymns of acclamation. <br/>Come, let every soul rejoice! <br/>Hope and joy in Christ our Master; <br/>Faith and works, great blessings bring. <br/>Share His truth with all the world <br/>And proclaim Him Lord and King. <br/> <br/>2. In His hands our lives are trusted. <br/>In His arms we'll feel His love. <br/>In His name we'll serve with honour, <br/>Pleasing our Father in Heav'n above. <br/>Finding strength as we endeavour, <br/>His commandments, to obey. <br/>May our hearts be humble now <br/>In our efforts day by day. <br/> <br/>3. Watch for the day when Christ returns <br/>His judgment upon the nations of earth. <br/>Then shall the wicked fear and tremble, <br/>Then shall the Lord, His saints, preserve. <br/>Every ear shall hear His coming, <br/>Every tongue confess His name, <br/>Every knee shall bow before <br/>Our King fore'er to reign. <br/> <br/>4. Unto Him we come and worship, <br/>Grateful for the life He gave. <br/>Conquering death, the pathway opened; <br/>Christ our Saviour leads the way. <br/>Saints of Zion, raise your voices, <br/>Let hosannas' chorus ring. <br/>Praise His name forevermore; <br/>Our Redeemer, Lord and King.
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