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If you sing/use this song, please contact the composer and say thank you to Kelli Dougal!

Voicing/Instrumentation: Vocal Solo

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Comments for this piece:
From Andrea Gibson: This song arrangement is so beautiful and powerful! I accompanied my daughters when they sang this in church about a year ago and I still pull it out often and play through it because it touches me deeply every time! Thank you, Kelli, for sharing your talent!
5.0 stars.

More about Kelli Dougal:
I grew up in a musical family and started playing piano when I was five. I eventually added other instruments, as well as voice. As I've gotten busier with life, including a job that takes me around the country, I don't have as much time to spend with my music as I once did. However, I do still write and arrange music on occasion and am constantly pulling out my phone to record snippets of something that has popped into my head.
Song background:

I have always loved the words of the hymn "Come Unto Jesus" but have never been a big fan of the current arrangement in our hymnbook. To me, the melody and accompaniment were not sweet enough to cradle the beautiful words of the hymn.

One day while I was worrying about a family member and praying that he could better understand how to use the Atonement in his life, I sat down at the piano and this beautiful melody came to me. Within an hour, I had arranged a new setting for the hymn and written an additional verse to further convey the far-reaching effects of Jesus Christ's love and mercy.

Although this hymn is currently written for a soloist, I am planning to write a choral arrangement as well. The mp3 is from a previous version of the song, and so you'll notice the accompaniment on the PDF version is a little bit different. I wanted the beginning to be a little simpler and gentler and simplified some of the accompaniment. Enjoy!

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