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Voicing/Instrumentation: SA

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Come unto Christ Mutual Theme 2014

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Song background:

I was asked to write a song for the new 2014 Mutual Theme this year.  Some songs come very quickly, some don’t.  This one took a while, but I loved the lessons learned from it, the inspirational moments that came in small increments.  I am even grateful for the struggle I had in trying to get it here.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to write.  Experiences such as these, help build my testimony and my love for my Savior. I would like to give a special thanks to Paige Miller for being willing to come and record it with me.  I am grateful for all the encouragement and thoughts from great people/friends. I am very grateful for the gospel and the peace that it instills in me.  I love my Savior, Jesus Christ.  Though I cannot even come close to comprehending the depth of what He did for us, my heart is filled with love, gratefulness, and reverence.  I will always come to Him, to my Savior, my Lord and King.

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Lyrics: On bended knee <br/>I clearly see <br/>Weakness fills my past. <br/>But visions of <br/>God’s perfect love <br/>Free my mind at last. <br/>With gentle hands He <br/>beckons me. <br/>They bear the mark of love. <br/>He did not come <br/>for only some <br/>But calls to everyone <br/>The tempter tries <br/>To tell me I’m <br/>unworthy of God’s light <br/>But those hands, <br/>My Savior’s hands, <br/>show me otherwise. <br/>His call for me <br/>To live perfectly <br/>Can only be achieved, <br/>Because those hands <br/>Can break these bands <br/>Cleansing perfectly. <br/>Chorus <br/>And it gives me hope to know I’m not alone <br/>On this path so far from home <br/>And hope to see so perfectly <br/>The hands that rescue me. <br/>And I come, I will come. <br/>Come on bended knee. <br/>I will come, Always come. <br/>To my Savior, my Lord and King. <br/>I rise with strength <br/>and try again <br/>To walk along his path <br/>His perfect life <br/>My guide and light <br/>My shepherd and my staff <br/>And when I fall <br/>to the tempters call <br/>And bear the weight of sin <br/>I know His hands, <br/>can break my bands <br/>That I could enter in. <br/>Chorus <br/>In His Hands.
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