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Voicing/Instrumentation: SATB, Cello Duet/Cello Ensemble Member(s), Viola

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More about Richard Tolbert:
I don’t come from a very musical family. I started playing saxophone in 7th grade. Thanks to a wonderful private lesson teacher and parents who sacrificed when times were hard, I discovered a passion for music. I went on to study music in college and earned a BA in Music from the University of Utah. I’ve been composing and arranging music in my spare time for over 15 years. Although I’m a sales professional by trade, I’ve never intended to try and make money off of my music. I simply compose for the love I have of sharing my music with those who want to use it.
Song background:

The melody and text of this arrangement come from a traditional Polish carol.  For those of you who are familiar with Still, Still, Still, you will hear a familiar part of that Austrian carol in the chorus.

I originally scored this for SATB choir with viola, cello, cello accompaniment.  Since this is fairly uncommon, I’m including a version with a piano transcription below as well.  Enjoy!

Christ is Born This Evening (by Richard Tolbert)

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Lyrics: 1. Christ is born this evening,
Let us go rejoicing!
Though the night so gloomy,
Day will soon be dawning!

Angels from on high are singing
To the One who comes from heaven:
"Gloria, Gloria, Gloria,
In excelsis Deo!
Angels from on high are singing
To the One who comes from heaven:
"Gloria, Gloria, Gloria,
In excelsis Deo!

2. Shepherds, hasten yonder,
Where the Babe most holy,
In this cold December,
Lies in manger lowly.

See the star on high is gleaming
O'er the lovely Infant beaming!
"Gloria, Gloria, Gloria,
In excelsis Deo!
In excelsis Deo!
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