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More about Emily Rachel Middleton:
​​I love hymns and often have a tune in the background of my mind. I write lyrics as the spirit influences me, and as an expression of my own testimony. I hope that these hymns become an expression of testimony for others as well, Emily Rachel Middleton.
Song background:

Topics: Missionary Work, Restoration, Gathering Of Israel, Last Days, Priesthood, Salvation.  Scriptures:  D&C 133:3 and 26-34; 1 Nephi 22:12; 2 Ne. 21:12–13; 3 Nephi 20:13, Isa.11:12–13; 12. “Daughters In His Kingdom”, RS.  Doctrine and Covenants Student Manual 133:30–34, “Of the House of Israel”- By Daniel H. Ludlow- Guide to the Scriptures.

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Lyrics: ----- <br/>Children of the House of Israel, <br/>Called to teach the gospel truth. <br/>Bringing blessings of salvation, <br/>Chosen for this work to do. <br/> <br/>Daughters in our Father's kingdom, <br/>Sisterhood in Israel, <br/>Called to do the work of angels, <br/>This their privilege to fulfill. <br/> <br/>Sons of Aaron, true and valiant, <br/>hold the keys of priesthood power, <br/>Blessing all the saints of Zion, <br/>Serving till the final hour. <br/> <br/>In the last days Israels children, <br/>Raise their banner to the Lord, <br/>And proclaim to every nation, <br/>That the gospel is restored. <br/> <br/>Now the northern lands returning, <br/>All the worthy of the lamb, <br/>Joining with the saints of Zion, <br/>Soon they’ll have their promised Land. <br/> <br/>*(Chorus after each verse) <br/>Gathering the tribes of Israel, <br/>Building Zion is their call. <br/>Living worthy for His kingdom, <br/>holding to the iron rod.
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