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Voicing/Instrumentation: Duet

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Gathering of Israel
Second Coming/Millenium

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More about Eric Laing:
I love the hymns and enjoy writing arrangements to bring out the beauty of the music and bring out the meaning of the lyrics by making the arrangement fresh again. I arrange for my ward choir as well as my own performances. Most hymns are SATB, some are duets and solos. If you would like one of my arrangements in a different key, please contact me.
Song background:

My wife wanted something new and unique to sing together in church.  I remember reading an article online about the 1985 LDS Hymnal and how those who worked on the hymnal thought that number 54 would be one of the most popular songs added to the hymnal, but it never is sung.  I had never heard it.  I played through it and loved the lyrics, but didn't care for the melody.  A little digging and I found the original poem was set to the tune of "Glasgow."  This is my arrangement and restoration of this very Scottish Hymn.

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