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Voicing/Instrumentation: Piano Solo, Primary Children/Primary Solo

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Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit
Primary with Choir or Adults

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More about Vivian Layne:
Vivian Layne -started music lessons Royal Conservatory of Music in London, Ontario Canada thanks to goodly parents; is a BYU grad- feels grateful for influence of wonderful teaching from professors Robert Manookin and Mac Wilberg and others, composes choral SATB works and childrens' music; she has taught voice and piano lessons for over 25 years, and has a background of singing with symphony choirs (Raleigh,NC, Nashvile Tn., Denver Co.) and opera choruses( Charleston WV) including solo performances(most recent Messiah performance Dec. 2018 in Calagary, Alberta with guest conductor Hirvo Surva from Estonia.). She has directed church and community choirs in various parts of the US and Puerto Rico, holds childrens' summer music vocal camps. Her music has been sung by various choirs/choruses in Canada and US, Germany and Puerto Rico. Vivian loves to continue to write with frequency as she lives and loves to spend time with husband Mitch and 5 children and grandchildren, many of whom have taken lessons with her! She also loves reading, birds, gardening and travel.
Song background:

"Baptism" by Vivian Layne is a gentle children's selection written originally for a child's baptism.  It's words describe thoughts one might have leading up to the covenant of Baptism and melody moves steadily through phrases culminating in a repeated end line with words of commitment.

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Lyrics: On this day I will step into waters and pray in my heart as I take upon me His Holy name. I will always remember Him My Savior Jesus Christ: promise to keep commandments given me from God, and love Him faithfully. With my heart and might, mind and strength I offer this to covenant with Thee. <br/>I have learned of His love, for He said, "Come to me." He has given His life for me and shows me the way to a life with joy, eternal hope. What greater gift could I know? Then in a blessing sweet He sends a Comforter to guide me tenderly. With my heart and might, mind and strength I offer this to covenant with Thee. <br/> <br/>He lives! He is real! My Savior and friend! And I feel in my soul I am never alone. He will love me, protect me and be my light in truth. Always and ever for eternity He shares His love with me and you. With my heart and might, mind and strength I offer this to covenant with Thee.
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