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More about Dean Reed Guymon:
Trumpet; BS from BYU; Electrical Contractor; Master Electrician. At times melodies have come easily. One song was played on an Orem radio station for awhile. At 3 funerals and 2 sacrament meetings, Mother's Song was sung. Babe Of Light was sung in two sacrament meetings and at a stake "choirside." Mostly, my music has remained dormant for years. It may be printed for non-commercial, home, church and incidental use. However, all rights are reserved.
Song background:

I sang this melody and words to our five children quite often, as they lay in their beds going to sleep.  The song was created about 1979 with our first child.  At bedtime with our five children, one daughter said, "Sing Angel's Keep."  This is how it was named.  The melody is simple, so came to my mind easily.  The children fit the theme and so the words fell in to place quite easily also.  Melodies have often come to my mind over the years.   

Caleb Cuzner has made this beautiful piano accompaniment.  I thank him for his kind help.   


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