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Voicing/Instrumentation: Vocal Solo

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Trust in God

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Song background:

As I  seek to come unto Christ, I have been drawn to the "I Am" statements that the Svior made in the scriptures.  He used powerful images and metaphors to helpus understand all the ways he strengthens, supports, teaches and cares for us.  This hymn is a grateful acknowlegment that words cannot describe all He is to me.  

Lynn Watkins

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Lyrics: Verse 1 <br/>I see the light in the dark <br/>Drink living water in the drought <br/>Fell the anchor of hope in rough sea. <br/>Chorus: <br/>Now my emptiness is filled with the Bread of Life, For my Savior is all this, and more to me. <br/>The chains that bind, He will loose. <br/>When I am lost He show the way. <br/>He will change eyes to see as he sees. <br/> He will show me how all things can be for my good. <br/>For my Savior is all this and more to me. <br/> <br/>Verse 2 <br/>I stand in strength on His rock. <br/>My weary should rests in His flock <br/>His divine joy will set sorrows free <br/>As He drank the bitter cup He became my King <br/>For my Savior is all this, and more to me. <br/> <br/>Chorus: <br/>
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