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Voicing/Instrumentation: Vocal Solo

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From Mayowa Oladeji: Thaks for the song. More inspiration in Jesus name
5.0 stars.

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Lyrics: The twinkling of the lights and stars that top the trees <br/>That glow mid winter nights with a cold December breeze. <br/>The laughter of the children, the gifts beneath the tree. <br/>The magic of the season and hopes of what would be. <br/>A kind and gentle father, his fam'ly 'round his knee <br/>Reads the story of the Christchild; God's gift for you and me. <br/> <br/>And all were gathered 'round, the love is felt by all. <br/>Remembering this tiny babe on this Christmas evenfall. <br/>And all were gathered 'round, and all were gathered 'round. <br/>The babe, the Son, of Mary. <br/>And Savior to us all. <br/> <br/>A small town in Judea, The stillness in the air <br/>The flocks were in the field under keeper's watchful care. <br/>Excitement in the heavens, the angel's 'round His stead. <br/>The stars shown down from heaven on the baby's bed. <br/>A kind and gently Mary, with Joseph at her side; <br/>Welcomed the new baby from God's arms to theirs. <br/> <br/>And all were gathered 'round, the baby to behold, <br/>Had come to Earth this special night as the angel had foretold. <br/>And all were gathered 'round, and all were gathered 'round. <br/>The babe, the Son, of Mary. <br/>And Savior to us all.
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