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Voicing/Instrumentation: Piano Solo

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Song background:

This is one of those hymns that we rarely sing. In this case, it's not because it's a cold or boring melody (it's actually quite jaunty and lends itself to whistling). I think it's because of the subject. But if you read the lyrics and study the history and revelations about Adam-ondi-Ahman--what happened there, what is going to happen there--it's really remarkable and exciting. The lyrics read like someone is telling a story. I've tried to keep that in mind for my arrangement, which relies heavily on interpretation and variant tempos to draw the listener into this ancient, sacred telling. The opening, for example, trades the melody from right to left hands, drawing the listener into the story, back into the very beginning. In contrast, at the end, measures 77 thru 81 should provide enough resonance to set up the nostalgic section of measures 82 thru 84/5. With half-pedals, hold onto the basso notes of measure 81 while transitioning into 82-84 to allow the listener to gently come back out of the story.

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