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Voicing/Instrumentation: Primary Children/Primary Solo

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Heavenly Father
Trust in God

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More about Michael Bailey:
My name is Michael Bailey and music has always been my first love in life. I graduated from BYU with a BA in Music and spent time in composition and orchestration and music recording. I enjoy getting feedback so please reach out to me if you listen and have comments!
Song background:

I came across this poem while staying at the beach in Oregon a few years back and was impressed by the simple beauty of it. I'd also been thinking of ways of 'simplyfying' a bit as much of what I've published here is often a touch more challenging than many might prefer. The text based on a poem by Frances McKinnon Morton. The original text uses 'You' and 'God' when adressing Heavenly Father. I felt it would only be appropriate to adapt it to something most LDS folks would feel more comfortable with for publication on this site. I tried to stick with as much of the original text as possible apart from those changes. For those who prefer the original text, the music can be sung to that as well. I've had a few ideas for additional verses, but haven't completed them yet. Thought I would post with the single verse for now to see how people like it.

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Lyrics: I thank Thee, Lord, for good this day.
For time to work and time to play.
I thank Thee for the morning light
And all that makes the world so bright.

Help me to live this lovely day
In very kind and friendly ways.
I'm thankful Thou has sent me here
To help Thee fill this world with cheer.
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