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Voicing/Instrumentation: SATB

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More about Daniel Lee Gibby:
I love the hymns of the church. I am excited for a new hymn book! I have had the opportunity in a few wards to be an organist, a choir director, and a chorister, and I was a member of the Bells on Temple Square from 2010 to 2016, and again from 2020 to present. Most of the arrangements I create are for a specific request for a number in Sacrament meeting, but some are just because I feel the urge to arrange music! Most recently though I have felt inspired to write hymn texts, some of which I also set to music.
Song background:

Someone posted on facebook wishing they had a new hymn about the Book of Mormon to be able to sing with their ward choir. I sat and pondered all of the things that the Book of Mormon is. It is so much to people around the world. I first listed the many summaries we know about the Book of Mormon:

  • Light for our day - written for our day
  • A Marvelous work and a wonder
  • Source of testimony of Jesus Christ
  • Words / Voice Crying from the dust.
  • From Prophets to a Prophet, to us. Prophet writers, prophet historian compiler, prophet translator.
  • The most correct book on earth
  • Keystone of our religion
  • Golden plates
  • Another testament of Jesus Christ
  • Fullness of the Gospel
  • Written by prophets, translated by a Prophet
  • Flood the earth with the gospel
  • New covenant

Then I remembered the promises of the Book of Mormon prophets, and modern prophets, that are made to us as we read and ponder the Book of Mormon with faith, intent on following divine guidance.

I tried to come up with as short of phrases as I could to compile all of the many things that the Book of Mormon is, and what it means to the world. Finally, I tried to incorporate gospel truths about the savior, as most importantly, the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ.

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Lyrics: A marv’lous work cries from the dust; <br/>Another testament <br/>Of Jesus Christ, to flood the earth, <br/>with light that Heaven sent. <br/> <br/>The most correct of any book <br/>On earth for us today <br/>Was written through the Holy Ghost <br/>By prophets, for our day. <br/> <br/>The fullness of the gospel truth <br/>Contained in holy words - <br/>New covenants for our time are sent; <br/>The angel’s trump is heard. <br/> <br/>Passed down from generations, now- <br/>We hear the holy call: <br/>Believe, repent, and be baptized. <br/>Through Christ receive your all! <br/> <br/>To Joseph from Moroni’s hand, <br/>On golden plates concealed, <br/>The keystone of religion now <br/>Through prophets is revealed. <br/> <br/>Moroni’s promise giv’n to us: <br/>A holy covenant- <br/>The Holy Ghost in power confirms. <br/>We seek with real intent. <br/> <br/>A record of a people who <br/>Through trials their Savior knew. <br/>He came to bless, to heal and love- <br/>Salvation taught anew. <br/> <br/>The gospel light shines to the world. <br/>Christ’s church goes forth once more. <br/>The Book of Mormon testifies: <br/>God’s kingdom is restored. <br/>
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