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Voicing/Instrumentation: SATB

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Song background:

I love the parallelism that Michael Young writes in this simple hymn about faith: grain -> sprout -> tree, spark -> fire -> forge, drop -> stream -> sea.  I think the hymn setting matches well.  I feel like a crescendo is in order starting in the fourth measure.

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Lyrics: A grain of faith moves mountains, <br/>A spark of faith builds fires. <br/>A drop of faith fills fountains, <br/>The dawn of faith inspires. <br/> <br/>A sprout of faith increases, <br/>A fire of faith assures. <br/>A stream of faith ne'er ceases, <br/>The light of faith endures. <br/> <br/>A tree of faith stands surely. <br/>A forge of faith makes steel. <br/>A sea of faith flows purely. <br/>The pow'r of faith is real.
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