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Voicing/Instrumentation: SSA

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More about Sheryl Martineau:
My family and indeed, the entire large posterity of my parents' family, almost all of whom are singers and instrumentalists, have my mother, Ruth Green, to thank for the music that has enriched our lives and our service for the last 60-odd years. I do not forget the sacrifice of my father in providing lessons for his five daughters. Mama sent us to our performances saying, "Do pretty," and then attended every one of them. They laid the foundation of the tradition of training and performance that has come down in each one of our families. I am most grateful.
Song background:

Our foster daughter asked me why we have to suffer in this life.  This poem, and later a song, was my answer.

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Lyrics: I am a stone, deep-veined with gleaming yellow;
God only knows what shining hides within.
God only knows what burning will refine me,
What polishing is needed for my gain.
He burns away the willful, prideful shell in fires of suffering sore,
Making ashes of my swift impatience, ever glowing closer to the core.
In sunshine of celestial forgiveness He smooths away the dull ingratitude,
By gentle hands of other loving ones softly rubbing, burnishing the good.
What burning, what kind polishing, behold:
A shining piece of gold!
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