Quote: "The song of the righteous is a prayer unto me, and it shall be answered with a blessing upon their heads." D&C 25:12


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Composer: Kelly Coleman
Total views of songs: 61411
Total pdf views/downloads: 10794

Total redirects from our site to yours: 2878


Individual song statistics for this composer

Name Page Views PDF Downloads Site Referrals (if applicable)
Battle Hymn of the Republic-Let Us All Press On 17826 3820 http://www.mooreldsmusic.com/battle-hymn-of-the-republic-let-us-all-press-on/
I Turned To Christ (Vocal Solo) 2994 480 http://www.mooreldsmusic.com/i-turned-to-christ-solo/
Hear My Prayer 1244 193 http://www.mooreldsmusic.com/hear-my-prayer/
Walk With Me (Love Song) 1675 274 http://www.mooreldsmusic.com/walk-with-me-solo/
This Child of God (Mother's Lullaby) 1201 128 http://www.mooreldsmusic.com/this-child-of-god/
Thank You Song (Children/Primary) 1567 203 http://www.mooreldsmusic.com/thank-you-song/
In Christ Shall All Be Made Alive 2767 366 http://www.mooreldsmusic.com/in-christ-shall-all-be-made-alive/
Let His Love Heal You (S/A Vocal Duet) 3594 499 http://www.mooreldsmusic.com/let-his-love-heal-you/
Fear Not Little Flock (SAT or SSA) 2445 475 http://www.mooreldsmusic.com/fear-not-little-flock/
I'll Be A Shepherd (Vocal Duet S/A) 3022 463 http://www.mooreldsmusic.com/i-ll-be-a-shepherd/
The Prophet Is Our Watchman (Primary/Children) 514 72 http://www.mooreldsmusic.com/the-prophet-is-our-watchman/
I Turned To Christ (SATB version) 2864 877 http://www.mooreldsmusic.com/i-turned-to-christ-satb/
Leading The Way (SSA or SA) 1865 253 http://www.mooreldsmusic.com/leading-the-way/
Keep Pressing On (SA/Solo/Unison) 4017 271 http://www.mooreldsmusic.com/keep-pressing-on/
The Holy Ghost Can Be My Guide (Primary/Children's Song) 596 93 http://www.mooreldsmusic.com/the-holy-ghost-can-be-my-guide/
The Gospel Brings Joy To Me (Children/Primary) 613 86 http://www.mooreldsmusic.com
I Can Follow His Way And Be Free (Primary/Children) 899 134 http://www.mooreldsmusic.com/i-can-follow-his-way-and-be-free/
Opposition In All Things (Primary/Children) 348 49 http://www.mooreldsmusic.com/opposition-in-all-things/
The Plan (Children/Primary) 757 87 http://www.mooreldsmusic.com/the-plan/
Walk With Me (Duet Version) 3068 420 http://www.mooreldsmusic.com/walk-with-me-duet/
The Temple Is A Holy Place (Primary/Children's Song) 1310 249 http://www.mooreldsmusic.com/the-temple-is-a-holy-place/
His Love (Vocal Solo) 1071 111 http://www.mooreldsmusic.com/his-love/
Come, Follow Me 5154 1191 http://www.mooreldsmusic.com/come-follow-me/